We are an early-stage venture capital investor focusing on
technology-driven startups. We back innovative companies led
by creative thinkers. It is our belief that the most successful
founders are the ones drawn to the most challenging yet exciting
projects, and it is our goal to deliver value in every
step of the way.

Understanding Flexibility
We are founders ourselves, and we understand the
challenges that other founders face. When most days
feel like an uphill battle, it’s important to have a
trusted partner that has the right resources and expertise
to help overcome challenges along the way.
At Jallcon, we know that the word ‘startup’ is
synonymous with unpredictability. This is why
we have a flexible organizational structure in
place to react quickly to new challenges, and
provide timely support and expert solutions.
Support Commitment
We provide our portfolio companies and their founders
not only with financial support, but also with advice
on strategic issues and management tasks to help them
achieve their goals. With our vast network, we can always
reach to people with specific expertise and willingness
to help a growing company.
Jallcon is here for the long run. We see beyond
the financial aspect of the investment process.
We are passionate about our porfolio companies, and
we also invest our time and expertise to make dreams
come true, and to see things through.
-investment philosophy-
We invest in media and technology startups positioned for rapid growth and leadership within their market.We focus mostly on companies in their first rounds of funding (from seed to A/B).

Our goal at Jallcon is to provide our entrepreneurs with exactly the outcome they expect, and to help them grow their startup into a successful business. After investing in a startup, we’re committed to assisting the management team with identifying pain points, overcoming weaknesses and introducing operational improvements.

We are determined to take on the various challenges associated with growing a startup by serving as trusted advisors and sparring partners to help strengthen the company internally, tackle various issues, and ultimately make sure the practical investment objective is achieved.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

Steve Jobs